Sunday, July 12, 2009

What ever happened to booty shorts?

Personally i think booty shorts are dope. BUT PLEASE WEAR LOTION YA DIGG. Ashy legs iz crazy nasty. I really dont see a problem with them. Because when you sag u gotta walk wit your legs all out and wild. That's y iROCK skinnies. BUt i waz thinkin and how dope would it be to look like my gramps. My Pop- Pop lol (that's wat i call him) wears black penny loafers wit tall socks past his knees. Then he has hecka short booty shorts wit a polo. Ma gramps is fye. So ima change the whole fashion game, datz gonna b the new ish. Soo keep at mi blog recomend me 2 ur friends nd Bria sorry if im not following u yet. I should have some pics and vids so look out. Duces
- Muff!n M@n

Comin' wit the phreshness

Yo wassup. I created a blog cuz all the other places (facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.) are starting to bore me. So i waz bored in the pic as u mite see. But dnt get me wrong this outfitt is doper then dope, i would rock that hat any day. Im a jerker, i've only been at it for a month so idk if i'm any good, i'll have 2 post some vids later. Also i kno this sounds gay and lame but i waz happy wen i waz off for like a day then i had three followers. Im hoping i'll make a lot of new friends so duces
- Muff!n M@n